The XDAndroid Project is no longer active.
This site provides archived information from while the project was under development. Some links may no longer function.

Source Repositories

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XDAndroid source repositories are hosted by Gitorious. The repositories use the git revision control system and are maintained by the Development Team.

List of Repositories

The following is a comprehensive listing of all original source repositories maintained by the XDAndroid project.

Repository Purpose
linux-on-qualcomm-s-msm/linux-msm MSM Kernel Source Code
linux-on-qualcomm-s-msm/compat-wireless-msm MSM Wireless Device Kernel Modules
xdandroid (Gitorious Project) Various XDAndroid-specific source repositories used for building the Android system

Note: All fork repositories are maintained by the XDAndroid project, but merged with changes in the upstream Android open-source project. These forks are kept as close as possible to the original repositories, but require fixes to work with our devices or in certain configurations not intended for use with live Android systems.