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!Latest Release{{Edit Link|Template:Latest Release}}
!Latest Release{{Edit Link|Main Page/Latest Release}}
!Latest Updates
!Latest Updates
!Latest News{{Edit Link|XDAndroid/Latest News}}
!Latest News{{Edit Link|XDAndroid/Latest News}}

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Welcome to the XDAndroid Project

XDAndroid is an ongoing project to port the open-source Android mobile operating system to a series of HTC mobile phones featuring Qualcomm hardware.


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For a list of developers, contact information and project credits, please see Development Team.

Latest Releaseedit Latest Updates Latest Newsedit

Latest Release: Version 2.2.2 FRX07

Latest kernel: 20111017_080427

Latest rootfs: 20111119-031ea5e
Latest initrd: 20110429-a3eace0
See Incremental Updates for more information.