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Version FRX01

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XDAndroid 2.2 Build FRX01 is the project's first official release of the Froyo series of Android. This is also the first release to use an official build number.

Changes since final release candidate

  • Added full language pack
  • Added Chinese and Japanese IMEs
  • Boot animation speedup (ro.opengles.version=1 sync from upstream)
  • GApps package update (thanks to CyanogenMod)
  • Replace Gallery3D with Gallery, for stability improvement
  • Several changes to enable userland Camera support (from bzo, still needs kernel support)
  • Userland built-in WiFi tethering support for Rhodium (rootfs changes and testing needed)
  • Signed XDAndroid release packages
  • Updated startup configs
  • Using andboot as default root directory