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Version 20100612

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Version 20100612 is a maintenance release. This version includes no major feature additions. Most changes are for stability.

Version 20100612 was released on 12 June 2010.

Change Log

  • Updated APN list from cynaogen nexus one rom
  • Using LauncherPro beta as default launcher
  • Removing default launcher
  • Updating music application
  • Removing apps from /system/app to AndroidApps on SD
  • Implementing test boot animation from lugiber [ NOT FINAL ]
  • Removing BatteryIndicator as reading are not accurate and always jumping.
  • Updating startup files
  • Removing livewallpaper picker and livewallpapers as they dont work at the moment.
  • Support for non ascii characters
  • Nordic raph keylayout
  • Uploading ext2 file for people using ext2