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Installation guide should list installation steps. Sentence "Run the program haret in the andboot directory." without mentioning how something named "haret" should appears in the "andboot" directory is not acceptable in something called "Installation guide"!

Previous information "Currently, the XDAndroid system must be booted while running Windows Mobile, using HaRET in a manner similar to loading." is heavily insufficient, especially when linked "HaRET" article doe's not contains download of mentioned application or any useful information to make it works (only info about "Running from StartUp" which is useless without application itself; but there is some "Python" thing which is not described at all, but that one you can download...)

XDAndroid is great project, therefore it's very pity that is very hard to use it because of a few lines missing in this installation guide (impossible, without "Master's degree" from this all stuff...) Thank you in advance.