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system.ext2 is a file containing an ext2 filesystem that XDAndroid mounts at /system. In Android, the /system directory generally contains files specific to a particular Android release (Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread), including:

  • the Dalvik virtual machine
  • APK package files for standard apps (Phone.apk, Contacts.apk, Calendar.apk, Gmail.apk, etc.)

system.ext2 is generated by the process described in Building and Packaging.

system.ext2 is generally stored in the /andboot/ directory of the SD card.

system.ext2 does not contain:

  • the Linux kernel (zImage) and associated kernel modules (modules-*.tar.gz) — those are maintained and released separately as htc-msm-linux-date_time-package.tar.bz2
  • essential UNIX utilities such as ls and mount — those are provided by rootfs.img