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MJGDroidUtil is a Windows Mobile application for starting XDAndroid. Under Windows Mobile, the MJGDroidUtil icon is labeled "Project Android."[1]

MJGDroidUtil disables the screen auto-dimming feature under Windows Mobile.[2] The auto-dimming feature is normally disabled manually; this is a necessary step to allow XDAndroid to have control over screen brightness.

MJGDroidUtil provides a graphical user interface allowing the user to choose a keyboard layout, and enable or disable the "force CDMA" feature. MJGDroidUtil writse these settings to HaRET's configuration file (startup.txt) and then uses HaRET to boot XDAndroid.

MJGDroidUtil is/was written/supported by Matthew Gonzales (a.k.a. Reefermattness in the XDA Forum and at[3]).[4][5][6]

As of September 17, 2010, MJGDroidUtil may be broken/unusable.[7]

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