The XDAndroid Project is no longer active.
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Version FRX02

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XDAndroid 2.2.1 Build FRX02 is the project's second release of the Froyo series of Android.

This system was released on 25 October 2010.

Changes from FRX01 to FRX02

  • The following bugs were fixed:
  2  - Talk.apk missing
  4  - Buttons cut off in the open call menu.
  14 - Startup.txt file is incorrect
  20 - OpenWnn IME selected by default
  • Google Apps updated to 20101020.1
  • Transitioned to hdpi graphics and fonts
  • Ambient light sensor and hardware auto brightness for RAPH and RHOD (WisTilt2)
  • Debug output for battery service emergency shutdowns (by request of camro)
  • Data roaming off by default (can be dangerous for international users) (emwe)
  • armv6j instruction support from CyanogenMod