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General FAQs

How do I migrate my contacts from Windows Mobile?

How to sync WinMo with Google

In Android, simply add a Google account to sync normally. The account will eventually synchronize the contacts that were added to it by Windows Mobile as directed in the above page. Changes and additions to the contact list will be continuously synchronized between the two operating systems.

How much space do I need on my Storage Card?

The absolute-minimum supported card size is 512MB. For reference, a complete XDAndroid system will usually occupy about 480MB of space (including a 256MB data.img file which appears after initial installation).

How do I fix a non-functioning or miscalibrated touchscreen?

Delete the file ts-calibration from the same directory in which you run haret.exe to boot Android. During the next boot, the device will prompt for touchscreen re-calibration.

How do I prevent clock drift?

XDAndroid currently suffers from two types of system clock drift. Gradual clock drifting may occur. To alleviate this, download ClockSync from the Andriod Market. An hourly synchronization setting is recommended.

Additionally, the clock may be skewed by a matter of hours when rebooting back into Windows Mobile. When this occurs, the offset will likely be the same as the local timezone's offset from UTC (for instance, if in Eastern Standard Time, the clock will be five hours ahead when rebooting to Windows Mobile). This is due to time handling differences between Windows Mobile and the Linux kernel. It is recommended that Windows Mobile be configured to synchronize the clock automatically. Otherwise, a third-party application may be needed to maintain the clock properly.

How can I dial out with Google Voice?

Some users have issues dialing outbound calls through Google Voice. If you experience this, add the following to your cmdline in startup.txt: north_am_dialing=1

Which cmdline arguments are available in startup.txt?

See Kernel boot command-line parameters

HTC Touch Pro 2/Tilt 2 (Rhodium)

Which features are not currently supported?

  • Camera - there is a test kernel to work out issues related to it.
  • BT - pairs but doesn't pass any audio/data
  • 3.5mm jack - RHOD400/500 has this plug, and it doesn't work at the moment
  • USB - only works for adb (debugging)

For a more complete list, please see this PPC-Geeks forum thread (thanks manekineko)

Why is the device's notification LED always orange or green?

The notification LED indicates sleep state (orange LED indicates device is awake; green LED indicates device is in sleep mode). If the LED is always orange, the phone isn't properly sleeping. Make sure GPS is disabled, as this will prevent the phone from sleeping.

How do I connect to WiFi networks with WEP encryption?

There is currently an issue with WiFi access points which use WEP encryption. The system currently does not support WEP out of the box, but a Market app called wifi-ace will work around this issue until it is resolved by XDAndroid.