The XDAndroid Project is no longer active.
This site provides archived information from while the project was under development. Some links may no longer function.

Development Team

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XDAndroid is developed and maintained by a team of dedicated community members. The development team also relies on the efforts of countless other developers, testers and users. This page briefly lists the members of the development team as well as all those who have contributed their invaluable time and skills to the project.

Special Thanks goes out to the HTC Linux Project for providing the Linux kernel sources used to power our devices and the Android Open-Source Project for providing the operating system environment.


The entire development team can be reached via the mailing list.

To contact an individual developer, see the table below for contact information.

The XDAndroid project developers frequent the freenode IRC network. For Android development, discussion, and support, visit channel #xdandroid.


The following developers are regular contributors to or leads of the XDAndroid project. Users are welcome to contact individual members of the team as appopriate. However, for general development issues, please contact the entire team via the list.

User name Public E-mail IRC Nickname Role
phhusson phh Project Lead, Kernel Maintainer, Userland Maintainer, Infrastructure Maintainer
babijoee babijoee Userland Maintainer, Release Engineer, Wiki maintainer
chamonix chamonix Kernel Developer, LedEffects Maintainer
Makkonen N/A Kernel Developer
stinebd stinebd Project Lead, Userland Maintainer, Release Engineer, Infrastructure Maintainer, Wiki Maintainer
MrPippy MrPippy Kernel Developer
CaptNoord CaptNoord Kernel Developer
GlemSom GlemSom Infrastructure Maintainer
mweirauch emwe Kernel Developer
arrrghhh arrrghhh Testing Lead, User Relations, Bug Wrangler, Wiki Maintainer
hyc hyc Userland Developer, Kernel Developer


Name IRC Nickname Contribution
viruscrazy N/A Camera and other fixes
ReWind402 rrew XDAndroid Topaz Maintainer
Reefermattness Reefermattness XDAndroid Rhodium Maintainer
ben_duder N/A XDAndroid Signature Image (integrated into wiki logo)
Lugiber N/A XDAndroid boot animation
sd73ta N/A domain name
paalsteek paalsteek Fixed SD card for CDMA devices on Froyo
hamagc hamagc Friendly, helpful and very patient senior member helping XDAndroid users on xda-developers