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HaRET (Handheld Reverse Engineering Tool) is a Windows CE application that serves as a Linux boot loader and as a tool for accessing the hardware internals of a Windows CE device.

HaRET uses a configuration file called "startup.txt".

Running from StartUp

Windows CE can run HaRET.exe automatically by putting a shortcut to it in the "\Windows\StartUp" folder.

However, it seems that running HaRET too soon after boot does not give Windows enough time to properly initialize the Wi-Fi device, so Wi-Fi won't work under XDAndroid. A five-second delay seems sufficient to allow Windows to initialize the hardware.

If HaRET supports some sort of "sleep" command in "startup.txt," that would probably be the simplest option.

A batch file would be a good option, but it seems that Windows CE does not support them.

This Python script is confirmed to work: <syntaxhighlight lang="python"> import time, os time.sleep(5) os.startfile('\\Storage Card\\andboot\\haret.exe', 'open') </syntaxhighlight>

Download PythonCE.WM.CAB from http://sourceforge.net/projects/pythonce/files/pythonce-smartphone/Python-2.5-20071004/ for the Python interpreter.

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